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I took a walk around Beijing’s Nanluoguxiang area the other day. The hutongs around the New and Old Drum towers are some of the last remaining artifacts of the capital’s residential history. Many of them have been gentrified and turned into tourist attractions, but there is still a substantial number of people residing side by side the street food stalls and souvenir peddlers.

Wen Yu Cheese Shop. They sell this dessert called 双皮奶 that was quite nice.

Love it or hate it, Smelly Tofu is ubiquitous to the Beijing street food scene.

I had lunch at the Suzuki Kitchen at 77 Xiaoju’er Hutong, an offshoot from the main tourist street. Get the Pork Shougayaki set. Portions are very generous. 

A blind but very spirited 二胡 (Erhu) player I came across at Nanluoguxiang.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world when you’re on the Beijing bus network.

Sign reads:  Setting up shop in front of this house’s door and windows is strictly prohibited. Any offenders will be reported to the police. Didn’t say anything about eating on the steps. 

Nanluoguxiang’s status as a tourist attraction is a skin-deep reflection of its rich history and the architectural significance of the hutongs there.

I took a walk to the Hou Hai lakeside after finishing up at NLGX. Several Muslim restaurants line the banks, a good place for some 羊肉串. 

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