New York

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to be in New York. When we visited in November 2010 we couldn’t help but be infected by the joyous cheer in the air ourselves, with the festive feasting helping us along the way. I certainly waddled back home feeling chubbier and happier than whence I came. We had the pleasure of having some gastronomically curious friends on the trip with us, with spot-on recommendations of reaaa-lly good places to eat at.

160 E. 64th St., New York, NY 10021
nr. Lexington Ave.

Thanksgiving Day itself was spent at Jojo. There was a traditional turkey carving + stuffing option on the menu, but the beef medallion was just too good to pass up.

705 Ninth Avenue (Cross Streets West 48th Street)
New York NY 10019

I have an incurable sweet-tooth, with an especially soft spot for soya beancurd desserts. The dessert trio that my friends ordered satisfied my craving perfectly. The black sesame biscotti and the miso-caramel cream thing with the chocolate cake were particularly inspired.

80 Spring Street
New York NY 10019

Balthazar is worth a visit on its own for a look at its interior decor. We can’t really say much about the food as we only went there for pastries, croissants on coffee. They were nice. The premises are big, with the bakery and the restaurant situated in different sections of the restaurant. To an extent the place reminded me of the grand cafes and konditoreis Gloria and I visited in Austria recently, where one must not simply be seen to eat, but moreover to eat in style. It was a pity I wasn’t allowed to take more photos of the dining room – shortly after I took the shot below the manager came scurrying over to tell me photography wasn’t permitted on the premises.

Even the waiter was nattily dressed.

Hungry munchkins, all of them.

If I had to choose a photograph that I took in New York that sums up the trip for me, it’d have to be the one I took of Gloria somewhere along Noho. We hardly get to spend time in the same country together, and since London wasn’t that far away, it was nice to squeeze in some time with her whilst she was on this side of the globe.

So, let’s take a break from food. We’ve been eating so much the past two weeks my tummy feels a little uncomfy! I was looking through some of my albums and I came across these lovely pictures. Thought it’ll be nice to share them here. I was in New York last year and Glen decided to fly up as well.  We spent Thanksgiving and Black Friday there – it was wonderful!

And this, is my favourite picture of them all.

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