The English Lake District

I made a second trip to the Lake District in June, on a trip organised by a dear friend, Wai Lam, who is also a local of the area. There is much to be said about revisiting places. To borrow the words of Steve McCurry, “I’m a firm believer in going back to the same places multiple times… You’re there during different seasons and … in different kinds of light. You go back when you’re in a different frame of mind. … You get different kinds of pictures. I think a lot of it takes time.” I think it also serves as a comparator of a person’s skills and of the different influences he may have assimilated from the last time he shot at the location.

Lake District weather is notoriously temperamental. On most days the skies are overcast and dreary. However overcast skies do produce a very even quality of light that lend themselves to a very mellow sort of photograph.

Kinda sorta my dream homeUK Lake District_Manor and Lake

UK Lake District_HikeUK Lake District_Oak TreeUK Lake District_Farm

This was a fun photographic trip for me. For us the District wasn’t so much about seeing the lakes but about climbing the peaks. Wai Lam planned the trip around us scaling Helvellyn, the third highest peak in England, walking along the misleadingly named Striding Edge to get there. It was really more a SCRAMBLE than a STRIDE – which was at times terrifying (for the sheer drops on either side of the ledge we were walking on) and exhilarating.

Just lunching in a small shale wall next to the Red Tarn before the final climb up to Striding EdgeUK Lake District_Red Tarn 2Striding Edge from a distance. As sharp as a dragon’s tooth along the ridge.UK Lake District_Strider's Edge 2
Guides with tourists in tow. One of them was scaling with his dog, which was pretty amazing.UK Lake District_Helvellyn
UK Lake District_Red Tarn
Some times the best views aren’t seen from the top, but halfway up and looking back.UK Lake District_Helvellyn and Strider's EdgeDressed like we were going for war. This was at the top of Helvellyn. Ruddy windy that day. UK Lake District_Helvellyn PeakUK Lake District_Grass and MossUK Lake District_Lady and her DogUK Lake District_Windermere

I suspect we’ll be back again to the Lake District some time soon. Maybe make it a sort of yearly or bi-yearly pilgrimmage to the country from now on.


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