Cay Tre

301 Old Street  
London EC1V 9LA
Tel: 020 7729 8662

42-43 Dean Street 
London W1D 4PZ
Tel: 020 7317 9118

Cay Tre received a makeover since we visited 3 months ago. Baby pink wallpaper now adorns the walls of this Vietnamese stalwart along Old Street, and the new menu looks less grubby than it did before. Service is smiley and friendly (if a bit frenetic), marshalled by a man who could have been a triad-bruiser in his past life, dressed for the part in his dockworker’s cap and orange tweed jacket. All very atmospheric, in our opinion.

Apart from the usual appetizer-main-dessert offerings, the restaurant also has a separate pho menu. £9 gets you a basic bowl of pho with sliced beef or chicken, with additions of sliced beef, fatty flank, tendon or meatball at 50p each. If you’d like a little variation in dining options, Cay Tre is a good place for pho in London.


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