The Disgruntled Chef

26B Dempsey Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6476 5305

Yellowtail Sashimi Salad

A few of us headed to The Disgruntled Chef for dinner last week. This Dempsey newcomer is owned by Daniel Sia, formerly of the White Rabbit, who decamped to run his own cosy establishment at 26B. The Disgruntled Chef serves food tapas-style – in small and large dishes and all best shared. This concept favours large groups, but this does not detract from the fact that this is still a really good restaurant for dates and intimate evenings. The bar is also well stocked for cocktail occasions.

Crispy Lamb Shortribs with Cumin and ChilliThe shortribs were really well seasoned and had a rather distinctive Mediterranean taste to it. The meat was meltingly tender.

 Beef Ribeye

The meat was nothing to yell about – it was well sourced but might have been a tad overpriced. The seasoning was commendable. There was an effort to introduce a level of complexity to the beef without those new flavours being too overwrought. We appreciated the saucer of jus on the side as well. Leftover essence should never go to waste.

Miso Cod, Spinach leaves, red seeds.

I found myself enjoying the spinach leaves more than the cod. The leaves are fleshy and have a natural tendency to absorb sauces like sponges. Perfect place to bed a fish positively bathing in the lovely brown sauce. That said, the dish was perfectly executed. It was well balanced and presented in lovely colours.


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