The Salad Shop

1 Bonham Street
#01-20, UOB Plaza 2

It was Gloria’s idea to bring me to the Salad Shop in town yesterday. I’m not a rabid carnivore but I did have some reservations about having salad for lunch. Turns out my scepticism was misplaced. The funky serviettes at the restaurant sums up the Salad Shop’s philosophy aptly – it is a veritable oasis for the health-conscious office worker and offers an alternative to the typical hawker fare ubiquitous to the CBD.

The Salad Shop has a very impressive selection of feeds available. For the recalcitrant carnivore, the Prime Feeds provide a respite with a variety of meats and fish to go with the salads. Lest you feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety available, you could try what we had.

Glen (Elephant Size:  6 mains + 2 supplementary feeds + 1 prime feed S$12)
Base – Mixed Lettuce
Main feeds – Roasted Pumpkin, Croutons, Sunflower Seeds, Tomato, Feta Cheese, Mushroom
Supplementary feeds – Grilled eggplant, Avocado
Prime feeds – Smoked Salmon
Home made dressing – Mint Yoghurt

Gloria (Zebra Size:  6 mains + 2 supplementary feeds S$10)
Base – Mixed Lettuce
Main feeds – Carrot, Mushroom, Raisins, Mixed Peppers, Pasta, Baby Potatoes
Supplementary feeds – Poached Chicken, Bacon Bits
Home made dressing – Caesar

  1. ahh this looks so fresh and healthy!! I am planning a trip to sg in august..and your site will be my bible to all the food I have to try!

    • Are you?? email me when you’re in town! We need toc atch up!

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