Amoy Street Teochew Beef Kway Teow

Amoy Street Food Centre

The people working in Singapore’s Central Business District will probably be familiar with Hock Lam Street beef noodles. They might think the forementioned beef noodles are actually quite tasty. We’ve got news for you. Set aside all preconceived notions of what makes a good bowl of beef kwayteow and make your way to this humble stall at Amoy Street Food Centre.

Here at Number One-Twenty Three, they serve the stuff like they should – the dry gravy is distilled from proper stock and saturated with marrow-filled goodness. Hardly any corn flour is necessary to thicken the mixture. The beef slices are cooked to perfection (slightly pink and chewy), and the beef balls actually put up a hearty, meaty resistance when bitten into, quite unlike the starch-filled pretenders ubiquitous to air-conditioned food courts all around the island. (Alas!)

For the best bowl of beef noodles you’ll taste in your life, this is all priced very attractively – $3 for a bowl with beef slices and meatballs in it. It works up to $5 if you add tendons and all the truly yummy offal-ish stuff. Food in Singapore has been getting expensive, but several stalwarts to traditional hawker cooking still remain, if you care to look for them.

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