Once Upon a Milkshake

32 Maxwell Road
#01-08 Maxwell Chambers
Singapore, 069115

Once Upon a Milkshake was a chance find – We just visited the Red Dot Design Museum along Maxwell Road (just next to the traffic crossing where Sticker Lady displayed her now-removed ‘My Grandfather Road’ road graffiti) when we saw a sign directing us to a funky milkshake place around the corner at Maxwell House.

A&W Ice Cream Float with Cookie and Cream

The place serves a wide variety of snazzily named milkshakes and A&W ice cream floats. There was even a red-velvet cupcake option, but we weren’t sure how a combination of cheese and chocolate in a float would taste exactly. In any case, the ice cream float brought us back to the day when ice creams in creamy soda drinks were every child’s weekend guilty pleasure. Quaffing from double glazed frosted mugs made the drink infinitely more pleasurable. Now that’s a level of dedication we can get behind.

Glen being glen 🙂

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that taste the best. Root beer’s gotta be one of them!

  1. Woah, Nice discovery. Didn’t know there was such a nice cafe around maxwell house =)

    • Thanks! It’s not the only branch. We believe they have another two shops at more central locations.

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