Goodman Restaurant

Goodman Steak Restaurant
11 Old Jewry
London EC2R 8DU

Some friends and I had a bit of a steak eating craze earlier in the year. Belinda’s birthday was coming up in February so this was as good a reason to expend our meagre student budgets on a meal out.

The restaurant floor was spacious and boisterous, as expected of a roomful of large Yankee men. The wooden panelling and red leather seats contributed to the feel that this was a place where people of upstanding character got together for a feast of roast cow, good booze and congratulatory back thumping. The staff were all smiles, replete with rehabilitated southern drawls. All in all, a very nice atmosphere for a friendly get-together.

Prime Rib and Porterhouse Cuts, with a side of Gruyere Cream SpinachAs this was after all an American steak diner, the meat was air-flown USDA beef. The beef was undoubtedly good, but it seemed to be quite an effort to fly it across the Atlantic when there were perfectly good cows to eat here. Aside from the rather large carbon hoofprint it left, there was no disputing the quality of the steak. It was well aged and hit most of the right spots. The Porterhouse had been done just right, but the prime rib was slightly overdone, which is a pretty grave mistake if you’re going to serve the steak as is.

Generally quite good.

Mac & Cheese and Chunky Fries – best sharedA steakhouse wouldn’t be complete without an accompaniment of mac & cheese, fries and cream spinach. The consensus at the table was that the sides were rather good. The cheese in the pasta and the spinach was all we expected it to be – full of rich, velvety, artery-clogging goodness. The fries were well salted, evenly fried and extremely good for soaking up any remaining gravy on the plates.

The Real Velvet McCoyI mentioned we were celebrating a birthday. The Hummingbird Bakery makes a stellar red velvet cupcake. They also make a stellar red velvet CAKE. It was all very Alice in Wonderland-like, stuffing our faces in what is normally a fist-sized dessert.

The lads in the kitchenThe place purportedly serves a kick-ass burger as well. In general, Goodman is a place for large gatherings. The bone-in cuts are served in chunks of about 1 kilogram (2.2oz) each, it would have been a tall order for any group smaller than 3 people to finish one cut. Individual cuts of fillet and ribeye etc. are available, but if one would like to order a decent selection of sides, it’s still better to go in a big enough group. There was a large American man next to us who had a substantial-looking steak with the mac & cheese and spinach, but I doubt his cardiologist would have been happy about that.


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