Taste of London

Regent’s Park
21 – 24 June 2012

Summer is a nice time to be in London. The sun is out most of the time and the weather warm enough to permit shorts-wearing and outdoor merrymaking. Taste is an in-the-park food festival in Regent’s Park, where some of the best restaurants in the city to get together for a massive food fiesta. For the goggle-eyed public, it’s also an opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrity chefs who run their favourite restaurants and learn a culinary thing or two from them under canopied Taste Theatres.

You buy an admission ticket and a coupon book with little slips of paper called Crowns to buy food with. One crown is equivalent to a pound. Each restaurant booth will give you a three-course menu – the appetiser, the main and a dessert. They can cost anything from 5 to 15 pounds.

Here’s just a selection of photographs to share with you during our time there last year!

Say hello to Alexis Gauthier.

He said hello to us too and even took our orders! At his restaurant in Soho, he’s famous/notorious for forbidding any measuring equipment in his kitchen, instructing his under-chefs to ‘taste’ and ‘feel’ the food they are cooking. Here’s a youtube clip of him telling Masterchef amateurs to do that, to hilarious effect.

Fizzy Pims (Gauthier Soho)Pims is a light, alcoholic fruity British summer drink. Goes well with sunny weather and tennis.

Foie Gras and Iberico Pork Burger (Neal’s Yard)This burger was delicious, and the patty was heart-achingly tender. The ducks and pigs that died in the making of this testament to burger nirvana did not do so in vain.

Taste of home – a reminder of our rice-eating roots
Chilli and Coriander, we’ve missed you! It’s a pity that the aforementioned spices aren’t well used in Western cooking.

MojitosLove the shirt.

“That’s £10 a picture, mate!” He was kidding, of course. One thing to note about Taste of London is that it isn’t a cheap day out. Admission tickets are about £20 and we estimated we spent another £40 on food each. Weather was a little bit of an issue that day. The idea of having an outdoor food fair in the park was all fine and dandy, but the drizzle in the morning was enough to turn parts of the fair into dour, muddy patches.

That said, if you have always been curious of the food you can get in London, Taste of London is an alternative way to get a culinary whirlwind tour of the city. It’s not cheap, but will probably work out to the same price as a 3 course lunch at a fine-dining place in Mayfair. For people watchers, it’s the perfect opportunity to spot celebrity faces in the crowd.


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