Ozone Coffee Roasters London

11 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4AQ

So, our friend Chu informed us that there was a fantastic new coffee joint that opened in the London Shoreditch area not too long ago. I have never been much into coffee. In fact, if I were to describe my approach to it, I’d be a milk and sugar with an accent of cocoa type of guy, an abomination in the eyes of connoisseurs, I know. The weather was nice today and I was feeling adventurous so I took a gander down to Leonard Street to check the place out.

Nice, spacious premises. Lots of room to walk about.

Now you see it, the next you don’t.

I would have started my afternoon meal with more savoury things, but I didn’t realise there was a lunch menu until I had paid for the coffee and the cake. The latte was velvet on the tongue, with enough caffeinated pick-me-up goodness to kick me up a gear for the day. I’d gush a little more about it but I’m not terribly familiar with the right adjectives to describe a good cuppa currrently. Suffice to know that it was really quite good.

The cheesecake and the handwhipped cream was brilliant. There was a bit of blueberry in the middle of the cake, and together with the strawberry chunks they served as a reminder that summer was just around the corner.

Pork & fennel sausages w potato mash, spinach & brown onion gravyThe cafe also has a selection of egg and lunch dishes to complement your drinks. Just remember to ask for the menu!

The wholesale business downstairs

If your dream has always been to open up your own cafe, Ozone also does a wholesale supply downstairs. These guys are pretty serious about their coffee. Just look at that machine!

* A Photographer’s Note: Alright. Gastrographic is dedicated to a love of food and photography. We’ve done quite a bit on food already so here’s something on the photographic side! I found myself without my trusty Nikon DSLR today so all of the photographs were taken on my iPhone. I post-processed them using this funky iPhone app called Camera Awesome by Smugmug. It’s got a pretty awesome toolkit of free photoediting and sharing functions. If you aren’t already on Instagram, this application is worth playing with. The basic software is free, but you can choose to buy premium content like additional frames and filtering options.


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