Broadway Market

East London, Hackney
London E8 4PH
Saturday 9am – 5pm

Broadway Market is possibly my favourite place to hang out on Saturdays in London right now. I was first introduced to the place by a friend of mine, Julia, whose husband Jason runs the Merito Coffee mobile stall at the market (check out the Timeout review here and pay them a visit!) The place has a very indie vibe to it, and you come away with the feeling that the people who frequent the market are not your typical tourist types. They certainly dressed well – another friend observed half-jokingly that Broadway Market was a ‘hipster market in a hipster part of town’. I think he might be right.

Lucky Chip Burgers
Netil Market, Westgate Street
London Fields
London E8 3RL

Lucky Chip is burger nirvana served out of a mobile truck/van at Netil Market, a small offshoot about a hundred yards away from Broadway itself. The burger pictured below is the Kelly Lebrock (£7.50),  succulent hand-minced beef and streaky bacon on a bed of spinach, cream cheese, caramelised red onion and sandwiched between two soft white buns. It is one of the messiest, juiciest burgers I have ever eaten.

47 Wilton Way
London E8 3ED

Violet comes highly recommended by Julia. It’s best known for their American style cupcakes. I didn’t manage to get any myself (I conveniently forgot to carry cash to a card-eschewing part of London, silly me) but I am inclined to believe a person who ordered her wedding cake from here. Plus, the cupcakes look gorgeous in the picture. In the artisan spirit of the market, all ingredients are organic and lovingly sourced. Violet has a stall in the market on Saturdays but also a permanent presence at Wilton Way.

“Even the people here are better looking.”

Broadway Market is quite close to where I live, so I’ll follow up with more pictures and food reports from time to time.


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