Simple pleasures in life.

Johore Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge
Blk 638 Veerasamy Road

This is our weekend guilty pleasure after church on Sundays with our usual bunch of friends. We like to trick ourselves into thinking that porridge is inherently healthy, but porridge like this probably isn’t. This is the Hainanese variety – middle-thickness viscosity with juicy bits of pork, liver and dough fritters (youtiao) floating around in it. There is the additional option of cracking a raw egg into it and letting the porridge cook it through. Swig some pepper and light soya sauce into it and there you have it! Nom.


  1. Celene said:

    Honestly I spent much time trying to understand why Sporeans lov putting “youtiao” in the porridge 🙂 nice pics and food & full of love and passion. Keep updating Gloria!

  2. Celene said:

    spent some effort to understand y Sporeans like adding youtiao into porridge @.@ nice pics and food & love and passion. keep updating!

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