The Massaman Restaurant

Moo 2, 4203 Road
Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi
Krabi, 8100

Phad Thai

This modest establishment is situated along the stretch of road leading to Ao Nang beach, next to the Red Balcony bar. The food was good – Phad Thai will not get more authentic than this. The raw beansprouts have an earthy aftertaste to it – a throwback to my growing-up days in Singapore, when mother dearest used to force-feed them to her children. ‘It’s for strong bones,’ she would tell us, ‘and more importantly, it provides roughage.’ Thanks Mum.

Green Curry with Chicken

Tom Yam Soup with Glass Noodles 

The curry and the tomyum soups had a good homemade twang to them. The soup was well infused, with copious amounts of fresh-sliced lemongrass and herbs floating around in it. They were also incredibly liberal with the seafood – we had to pick through the veritable forest of herbs, prawn and squid to get to the broth underneath. Gloria swears by the tomyum soup with glass noodles. The green curry was thick and suitably spicy, with a generous dose of coconut for added depth of flavour. My only gripe about it was that the restaurant uses chicken breast meat, to cater to the Western tourist’s palette. Which is a pity, as breast meat tends to turn powdery when boiled in anything. Chicken thigh would have been an infinitely better option.

What would I recommend this place for? Your daily meals in Krabi, if you are fortunate to be lodging in the vicinity. They do Thai fare really well, but not necessarily well enough for an out-of-the-way visit. For that, go to Ruen Mai in Krabi Town. We will do a review on that real soon.

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  1. jj said:

    what can i say! i love the photos! : ) makes the food look yummy. !!!!!

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